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UK stockists of the finest Pure Hungarian Paprika

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Hugh Fernley Whittingstall recommends Paprika Ladys' Paprika products:-



"The Paprika Lady's paprika is the real deal - fresh, zesty and full of flavour!"

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At Paprika Lady, we recognise the importance of strong working relationships with business partners of all shapes and sizes, and our packaging has been carefully selected to fit individual needs.


• Supermarkets

• Department stores

• The Hotel Industry

• Restaurants

• Farm shops

• Delicatessens

• Food specialist shops


Our packaging varies as follows:


Pure Hungarian Paprika Powder (Hot &Sweet):

Metal Tins: 50g & 100g

Ceramic Pots: 50g & 100g

Refill Packs: 50g, 100g & 500g


Paprika and Goulash Puree (Hot& Sweet):

Squeeze Tubes: 160g

Gastro tubs: 1kg & 5kg


Goulash Spice Mix (Hot &Sweet):

Carton: 70g



Glass bottles: 70g, 120g & 230g

Catering packaging: (Hot &Sweet)

We offer Hungarian paprika in gastro-packaging at 5kg, 10kg, and 25kg

Paprika pure: 1kg, 5kg

Goulash pure: 1kg, 5kg

Please contact us for samples and price list, discount for volume and personal service


Our dedicated Sales Team is happy to assist any potential business clients with their queries about our Hungarian Paprika and related products.

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